At the front end we work with our clients to identify strategic goals, develop concepts and select appropriate options. A ‘same-as-last-time’ approach is never good enough. Whether the contract is characterised ‘Design & Build’ or Supply and Install’ the initial approach is the same. We ensure the fullest possible understanding of your objectives. We are then able to add to this mix our relevant knowledge and experience and that vital extra spark – creativity. This conceptual thinking, allied with continual reference back to the project’s suggested scope and specification, matures into a best practice solution.

In every instance careful analysis pays dividends, bringing to bear policies and suggestions fine-tuned to your project and generating ideas calculated to add value all year round.


Decisions taken at the design stage can have far reaching effects on function, availability and not least overall cost. Early participation in the design process also allows us to address workflow. All too often, work by some disciplines within a conventional design team moves too slowly, which creates a bottleneck for others. We apply advanced management principles in this area, leading to a better fit in concurrent working.

In certain cases we are working to pre-designed parameters, in which case we can still add to the projects by providing the final details for construction and in carrying out the final co-ordination of the engineering services on site.


EMF Contracting’s’ guiding principle is to never take anything for granted. Every assignment we undertake is tackled with the same attention to detail and commitment to quality. At the heart of every project is the team assigned to it, EMF Contracting’s’ people are its strength. We are committed to continued investment in training and development to extend skills and abilities. Payback is in the array of innovative ideas our people produce.

We make extensive use of advance IT systems, constantly developing and extending their use across the enterprise and we use the latest communications devices to transmit data and information to wherever it is needed.


Price is one thing, value another. Through providing value-engineering solutions at the design stage, we can eliminate many of the problems associated with actual construction. Our services span Design and Install projects carried out in partnership with main contractors and their clients – and on such projects we are involved at an early stage to assist with design development. This enables us to identify the potential for value engineering, solving problems at the design stage instead of later on when they become expensive.

This capability is particularly valued by clients whose fast track projects depend on rapidly implemented installation, where planning approvals delays can slow down progress or where properties are sold off-the-plan prior to construction.


EMF Contracting’s’ approach to installation is to employ separate work teams on various parts of the project, allowing us to progress aspects of the infrastructure works with dedicated personnel, whilst other teams are busy with fit-out. Our aim is to have the statutory services up and running at the earliest possible moment. This allows the fit-out teams to carry out the final fixing in the knowledge that all services are sound and avoids handover problems that can occur when commissioning is left to a later stage.

Under our site quality procedures, we also offer pre-tested sections of work, for approval and acceptance. The usual criteria of delivering value and quality in a promptly completed project are simply minimum standards for


Dependable aftercare service is absolutely vital – and whatever work we undertake on your behalf, you can be certain of its unstinting provision. We stand by every service we offer, every item, both major and minor, down to the last detail.

Despite the most careful planning and painstaking commissioning of a building, some tiresome teething problems are bound to arise. Choose the wrong mechanical and electrical contractor and this could prove the most taxing phase of the project. But select EMF Contracting and this will be the moment you discover the true commitment to aftercare.

You have our total assurance that EMF Contracting will stay engaged and active – to get everything exactly right for as long as it takes.

Equal Opportunities

The objective of the Company is to employ individuals who are suitably qualified and who have the ability to develop the skills necessary to undertake the obligations imposed by the position they occupy.

Harassment or victimisation at work will not be overlooked or condoned.

Such behaviour will be considered a serious disciplinary matter.

The Company is committed to providing equal opportunities in all aspects of employment, particularly recruitment, promotions and training.