Health & Safety

The policy of EMF Contracting is to strive for excellence in Health and Safety and believe it should take precedenceover all matters.

In order to achieve excellence EMF Contracting undertake to allocate appropriate financial resources and assignresponsibilities to key managers to ensure that all the company’s Health and Safety policies are implemented.

For the company to achieve excellence in Health and Safety, the only acceptable standard is 100% injury free work.

Accidents may happen, and when they do errors and mistakes will be identified, addressed and systematicallyeliminated. Everyone must work at this standard until 100% injury-free work is achieved.

It is the duty of our staff to support the company in implementing this policy in order that injuries to themselves, co-workers and members of the public will be avoided.

EMF Contracting place a great emphasis on health and safety, we are fully conversant with carrying out projects where CDM regulations are applicable. Development of health and safety plans, risk assessments and preparation of building manuals are carried out by our health and safety consultant who is responsible for all health and safety issues.

EMF Health & Safety Policy 2020


EMF Contracting will provide products and services for buildings which consistently and reliably perform at a level chosen by their owners in terms of providing health, comfort and security and productivity for the occupants in an economic and energy-efficient manner.

EMF Contracting will identify the environmental effects of its activities and will act in a responsible manner to ensure that all legislative and regulatory requirements are complied with.

EMF Contracting undertake to review the Environmental Management System on a regular basis and are committed to continuous improvement in order to ensure that the activities are beneficial to the environment and preserve it for future generations.

EMF Environmental Statement 2020